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Rachael Hill

Memorial Website
Rachael Hill was one of the 32 who lost their lives at Virginia Tech on April 16th, 2007. She was a commited Christian who truly 'walked with God.' This website shows the powerful testimony that she left for the Lord Jesus.

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Christ Who is Our Life


"I Am" Who art Thou, Lord?
     I Am - all things to thee;
Sufficient to thine every need;
     Thou art complete in Me.

I Am - thy Peace, thy Joy,
     Thy Righteousness, thy Might.
I Am - thy Victory o'er sin,
     Thy Keeper day and night.

I Am - thy Way, thy Life;
     I Am - thy Word of Truth,
Whate'er thy lack, I Am - to thee
     El Shaddai, Enough.

I Am - thy Life within,
     Thine Everlasting Bread;
Eat of my Flesh, drink of my Blood,
     I Am - What dost thou need?

- Adah Richmond