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Rachael Hill

Memorial Website
Rachael Hill was one of the 32 who lost their lives at Virginia Tech on April 16th, 2007. She was a commited Christian who truly 'walked with God.' This website shows the powerful testimony that she left for the Lord Jesus.

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Male and Female Created He Them



This little book is born out of two things. The first is a great burden in my heart for young Christians who truly love the Lord Jesus and are struggling with fitting their faith, their singleness, and their sexuality into a world that since the 1960's has increasingly promoted open relationships and unrestrained sex - a world now paying the consequences of such lifestyles. The second is my own experience as one who came to know the Lord Jesus in the mid-60's after indulging in and experiencing what the world offered as the wonders of a liberated sexuality - experiences for which I have paid consequences that I wish to see others not have to pay. Though I had this burden and had been ministering on it for about 20 years, I didn't feel led of the Lord to put down any of it in writing until 1993.

This is not a book about sex. It is not a book about dating. It is not a book about marriage. It does discuss all three. It is a book about God's purpose in creating two distinctly different and wonderful creatures: the man and the woman.

The Lord in His wisdom kept me single until I was almost 28. Thanks be to God, being single during those years drove me to seek the Lord deeply. It was during those years that the Lord graciously dealt many things with me about His purpose in creating man and woman, and for marriage - before I married. Almost all of what I share herein God showed to me while I was single, especially the principles. I point this out because some may be tempted to say that my thoughts in this book are those of one who is married, not one who is single. Marriage has only confirmed the reality of these things I began to see while single.

I found then that He was all that I needed. And after being happily married for over 44 years now (2017 - and with 8 grown children!), I can only state that the things He showed me then have only proven to be more true than I could have imagined.

In 1993 I found others sharing some of the same convictions. A prime example is Elizabeth Elliot's book, Passion & Purity, which I highly recommend to be read either before or after reading this little work.

Truly, I believe the need for a proper understanding of God's purpose for man and woman is more desperately needed today than at any other time.

It also may be, in the Lord's mercy, that some of the principles discussed herein will be of help to young marriages where an understanding of what God is really after is lacking.

Some of the things I share here will be "strong meat," and perhaps too strong for a few people. But I believe that any child of God that truly wants to know God's will and do His will, will find truth in these pages that will "set them free" in a wonderful way that will allow them to fully enjoy God's purpose for His creating them either man or woman.

Our enemy wishes to steal from each of us God's best. I wonder if he is more successful in any area more than this one of male/female relationships. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will use this little book to recover in many the holiness, purity, and purpose that our heavenly Father originally had in creating man and woman; and that indeed, we may find our Lord Jesus, His death, burial and resurrection, to be all that we need - "El-Shaddai" - our All-in-All. See Poem, "Christ Who Is Our Life" that ends with "Christ - our All-in-All" here:

  • "Christ Who is our Life" (El Shaddai)